Privacy Notice

1.Privacy Policy
This is Logmit Ab Oy's data protection notice to users of Logmit's websites and services in accordance with the EU's general data protection regulations and the Data Protection Act. Logmit wants to respect your privacy, be a responsible service provider, and handle your personal information appropriately. This notice describes how we process your personal information in our services. You must agree to the terms of this privacy statement in order to use Logmit's services. Prepared: 2/22/2021 Updated: 2/26/2021
1.1 Sources of information
Information is collected primarily from users themselves through a website or application, as well as when dealing with us in any other way. Analytics services are also used to obtain data. Some information may be collected or updated from our partners or public service providers.
1.2 Information content
The information we collect may include the following:
The name of the person personal identification number email address postal address, post number and city phone number(s) payment information delivery information product details position in the company company information (postal address, billing address, telephone number, business ID, website address) device information
1.3 Intended use and grounds for treatment
The main purpose of the processing is to manage the customer relationship in different ways: providing services answering requests and questions delivery and billing of orders providing a website and services Management of customer relationships between Logmit Oy, its resellers and suppliers and the customer personalization, design and development of the service conducting statistical and market research As well as monitoring Logmit's rights and fulfilling its obligations in accordance with the legal basis. Personal data is processed on the website and in the application in accordance with the principles of the Personal Data Act in force and these terms of use. Our website and applications may collect personal information when a person submits their information through various forms, such as registration, competition, contact and feedback forms. In this context, personal information about visitors may be stored using cookies or other similar technology. We use a site tracking system on your site, such as Google Analytics, which uses cookies or other similar technology to analyze at a general level. No personally identifiable information is stored about users. Statistics are used to develop and improve pages and to target advertising. The information will not be used for marketing purposes without the user's consent.
1.4 Deletion of data and right of prohibition
At the customer's request, the data may be deleted, unless it is in conflict with any law or claim, or incorrect data may be corrected. It is also possible to demand a ban on direct marketing. No later than 12 months after the end of the customer relationship, the data will be deleted. Data is deleted from the backup systems after the retention periods assigned to them.
1.5 Data protection principles
Personal information is kept confidential in the information systems used by Logmit. Only the necessary persons have access to the register. Logmit produces its website and services in a careful and generally acceptable manner and seeks to prevent unauthorized access to its information systems through appropriate technical solutions. The related servers and databases are located in the EU / EEA and are protected by firewalls, passwords and other generally accepted and reasonable technical means in the IT industry.
1.6 Data processing and privacy
Data is not mainly transferred outside the EU or the EEA. However, some of the services we use may be provided outside those areas and we have no control over it. Logmit also uses service providers and subcontractors to manufacture, develop, maintain, analyze, communicate, and manage user data for its products and services. Service providers and subcontractors are obliged to process and protect personal data in accordance with this notice and to ensure adequate data security for their part. Without a valid purpose, the data will not be disclosed to third parties, but with the consent of the user, for example, his data may be disclosed to a reseller or supplier, for example. We may also share information as necessary for legal or technical reasons. This includes, for example, a request from an authority, a technical problem, a security risk or other misconduct, suspicion, obstruction or handling.
1.7 Data retention period
Your information will be stored in accordance with applicable law and for as long as the uses and legal obligations described in this notice can be fulfilled. Essentially, data is deleted when it is no longer needed. To ensure a high level of service, security and business continuity, we may retain data for longer. After the retention period, the data are either completely deleted or made non-identifiable.
2.0 Cookies
Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that the browser can store for storing information on the user's device. The use of cookies requires the consent of the user, so you have the option to refuse or allow the storage of cookies using the settings of a browser or other application. Sending cookie files from the website to the user's computer can be disabled by the user's internet browser settings. By using our website in a browser where cookie settings allow cookies, you consent to their use in accordance with the terms of this notice. This site may contain embedded content (such as videos, images, etc.). Opening the embedded content imported from other sites is comparable to the fact that the visitor actually open a third-party site. These websites may collect information, use cookies, as well as third-party tracking cookies and monitor interactions with their content. Facebook Privacy Statement Instagram Privacy Statement Youtube / Google Privacy Statement You will find a detailed list of the cookies we use
2.1 Links
Logmit can provide on its website links to external third-party websites (eg. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram). The user must read the privacy statement of each website and comply with its terms of use and other terms. Logmit Oy is not responsible for their content, advertising, products or other materials.
2.2 Copyright
Logmit's website contains copyrighted material, the copyright of which belongs to Logmit Oy or a third party. We reserve all rights to the material published on this site. The Logmit logo, trademarks, or the like may not be used in any way without the prior written permission of Logmit or the third party.
3.0 Terms of Use
Use of the Website and the Mobile Application requires that you agree to be bound by the terms, conditions and notices set forth in this document, as well as any additional terms that may be set forth. The Terms of Use apply to the use of the material published on the website and the principles of privacy protection. Logmit reserves the right to update these terms and conditions and change the content of the pages without prior notice.
4.0 Registrar and Contact
The company responsible for processing the data is Logmit Ab Oy (Business ID 3111755-1) Korpintie 3 68600 Pietarsaari, Finland If you have any questions about our company's privacy, privacy statement, or other privacy issues, you can send email to dpo (at)
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